2:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Researching Visual Communication
Charles Kostelnick, Iowa State University, ABC Outstanding Researcher Award Winner 2018

This workshop will introduce participants to approaches and methods for examining issues in visual communication from several perspectives: historical, cultural, empirical, practical, pedagogical, and theoretical. The workshop will also provide guidance on manuscript preparation pertaining, shaping a literature review in visual communication, identifying publication venues, securing and preparing images, and addressing intellectual property issues.
Participants in this workshop will gain an understanding of the variety of issues in visual communication for scholarly inquiry and the methodologies and analytical frameworks that they can employ to examine them. Participants will also gain insights into their own current or future projects as well as will learn about research opportunities in visual communication that they may not have previously considered. Finally, they will receive some practical guidelines for successfully submitting their research for publication, including shaping a literature review, selecting and preparing images, securing permissions, and developing a manuscript with visuals.

2:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Student-Run Business Podcasts and Online Journals
Marianne Richardson, Andrea Cabrera, Jennifer Goldsberry, and Sarah Romeny, Brigham Young University

This hands-on workshop will focus on how-to start a student, peer-reviewed business journal and a student-run, business podcast. A team of students will share the process for publishing a journal, as well as producing a podcast. By the end of this workshop, participants should have the resources to start a student journal and/or podcast.

Students who produce Marriott Student Review and Measuring Success Right will discuss the how-to’s for starting a journal and a podcast, as well as how to avoid mistakes and pitfalls.

The editorial team will share the process for getting the journal ready for publication, such as how to encourage student articles, how to organize the review process, how to design the publication, and how to make the website appealing. MSR uses bright, colorful designs along with thought-provoking content. The editorial team is very involved with branding and keeping our brand consistent with our target audience of business students.
The podcast team will share some practical ways on how to post podcasts, how to edit podcasts, how to interview, and how to find good interviewees. Participants will also practice ways to make their voices more interesting for podcast listeners. By the end of this presentation, participants should have the resources to start a student journal and/or podcast for their university.