Job Posting - Conference Co-Chair

(This post will be updated soon to Call for San Diego co-chairs. The Detroit position is filled.)

Apply to serve as one of the conference co-chairs for the 84th Annual International Conference, to be held in Detroit, Michigan, October 23 to October 26, 2019. If you have colleague or a good friend who is also an ABC member, you may apply as a team.

The role of conference co-chair is a critical one for ABC. Co-Chairs are responsible for (1) creating a Call for papers (CFP); (20 promoting the conference with the assistance of ABC's HQ team, which includes the Executive Director, Business Manager, and Technology Coordinator (formerly the Web Editor); (3) coordinating the evaluation proposals submitted using ABC's powerful (and easy to learn) event software; (4) visiting the conference site with the ABC HQ team - usually in May or early June of the conference year; (5) coordinating the creation of the program: organizing the presenters into sessions and creating the program text; (6) supervising the implementation of the conference program onsite; and (7) completing a post-conference survey and evaluation.

To enhance the value of knowledge gained via experience, we're now asking one of the co-chairs to stay on as a member of the Conference Planning committee for the following year to help guide/assist the two, newly appointed chairs. The tasks involved remain the same, but this person does not make the pre-conference visit. What this means is that the two co-chairs selected will also have one of the co-chairs from this year's conference in Miami, FL, as a team member.

For your work, you receive the following:

  1. Undying appreciation of the entire ABC community
  2. Travel and lodging costs for both pre-conference visit and conference, and
  3. A stipend of $1000 paid post conference.

To apply, please logon to our website and upload a short, one-page letter of application and a copy of your CV using this URL:

If you have questions, please email either Marilyn Buerkens (ABC Business Manager) or Jim Dubinsky (ABC's Executive Director). We would be happy to arrange a phone call or video/Zoom call. You may, of course, also contact previous conference chairs/co-chairs.