Volunteer Call-Blind Peer Reviewers, Mentors, Research Roundtable Experts

We need YOU to help as blind peer reviewers and mentors for these annual conference submissions. We also are asking for research roundtable experts at the October 24-27 2018 annual international conference in Miami, Florida.  Your feedback contributes significantly to the success of the individuals involved and to the entire conference.


Blind peer reviewers will receive by March 15 about three to five 500-750 word proposals to review. Blind peer reviewers complete their review online with numerical feedback as well as comments by April 2.  This is our most rigorous review and it is held to the highest standards of the field. Not all submissions will be approved; we will announce the approval rate for use in review materials. Proposals not approved will be automatically routed to the program chairs for regular review. 


Mentors will receive by March 15 about three to five 500-750 word proposals to review. Mentors contact their mentee with supportive and constructive feedback.  As a result of this friendly feedback, mentees can update their submission by the April 30 final deadline.  Mentors will indicate to the conference co-chairs of completed mentoring by a simple online comment by April 2.   


Research roundtable experts may be asked to participate at the conference in a research roundtable.


Click here to be a blind peer reviewer, peer mentor, and/or research roundtable expert.

Dates to Remember

Mentor/Blind Peer Review Proposals Due:  February 26
Workshop Proposals Due: February 26
Assignments Made to Blind Peer Reviewer and Mentors Due: by March 15
Blind Peer Review and Mentor Comment Due: April 2
Final Proposals and Revised Mentored Proposals Due: April 30

Thank you for making time to help your fellow ABC members and future members.