Ray V. Lesiker Outstanding Researcher Award

Please send us your nominations for the ABC SWUS Raymond V. Lesiker Outstanding Researcher Award for 2024.  We will recognize the recipient at the Annual ABC SWUS Business Meeting in April, and the recipient will receive a plaque along with a monetary award.  We provide this award to recognize and encourage excellence in business communication teaching, and we need your nominations by January 31, 2024.

Because you are a member of ABC and reside in the Southwest U.S. region or were an attendee at our 2023 ABC-SWUS conference, you are eligible to nominate a worthy colleague for this award.  You may not nominate yourself, and members of the Award Selection Committee may not nominate a recipient.  For 2024, this committee consists of:

2023/2024 ABC-SWUS President Ashley Hall
2023 Teacher Award - Kayla Sapkota
2022 Researcher Award - Carol Wright
2021 Teacher Award - Marsha Bayless
2020 Researcher Award - Ashley Hall
2019 Teacher Award - Lindsay Clark
2018 Researcher Award - Danica Schieber
2017 Teacher Award - Judith Biss (posthumously)
2016 Researcher Award - Geraldine Hynes

Please consider nominating a colleague who meets the following criteria: 

  • Must not have won the Outstanding Researcher Award in the past
  • Must be a current member of ABC SWUS
  • Must meet at least one of the following criteria:

             1. Resided in or was employed in the ABC SWUS Region  (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas) for at least part of the 2023 calendar year

             2. Had a formal role on the program at the 2023 annual conference of the ABC Southwest Region (held in conjunction with FBD)

             3. Has made a significant contribution to business communication scholarship in the ABC-SWUS Region


To nominate an individual, please complete this nomination form and submit it by January 31, 2024.   

  • Nominee information, including full name, position/title, institution, phone number, email address, and a statement of up to 300 words stating why you think this individual should be selected as ABC SWUS Ray V. Lesiker Outstanding Researcher Award.
  • Your information as nominator, including full name, position/title, institution, phone number, and email address. 


The Award Selection Committee will contact the nominees to collect further information documenting eligibility.  For information purposes only, their materials will be due by February 20.