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image by Jay Fullmer. If you are using a screen reader and need additional assistance, please contact

Presentation Tips

Video Communication Techniques

Video content by Jay Fullmer and D. Joel Whalen.

Tips and Tricks: 

  • ABC Log-in - Be sure you can easily log-in to ABC. The conference will be conducted via our ABC system. Instructions to find and use the on-line agenda with Zoom links to sessions will be announced in late September. (Virtual session recordings will be available at that location until March 31, 2023.)
  • Zoom up-to-date? Be sure you have the most current Zoom software.
  • Enable “Do Not Disturb” on your computer, cell phone, and other devices while recording in order to avoid interruptions/noise. Consider a “do not disturb” sign on your door, too.
  • Stay in view - it helps viewers when you leave your camera on while presenting, rather than turning it off. “Frame-up” so that you are not slumping or staring up at the computer.
  • Minimize feedback and noise. To minimize the opportunity for feedback, keep all electronics such as your phone away from your computer. Consider using headphones and a microphone for best noise cancellation and sound transmission.
  • Use a timer, either on your desktop, on your phone, or with a clock nearby.
  • Convey your energy and enthusiasm through your tone of voice, appearance, and organization.
  • Say your name when you begin speaking.  For example, "Hello, I am...."
  • Use inclusive language throughout your presentation so all viewers can understand what you are sharing. For example, “This slide depicts…” instead of “As you can see…”. Describe any visual elements you reference.
  • Use easy-to-read fonts like: Arial, Helvetica, Lucida Sans, Tahoma, or Verdana.
  • Do not use flashing lights or strobe effects.
  • Avoid backlighting. Test using a desktop lamp or a ring light positioned so light illuminates your face.
  • If recording using your smartphone, always make sure your smartphone is set up horizontally rather than vertically.
  • Run a speed test to check your internet speed. If under 10 Mbps, you may experience connectivity issues.  Help avoid the pitfalls of this hazard by pre-recording and uploading your presentation to the conference platform.
  • Don’t compete for bandwidth. If you are taking part in the conference from a location with consumer-grade Internet bandwidth, ensure you are not competing for bandwidth with others in your household. Someone may have to take a break from Xbox gaming.
  • Add captions to your presentation so that it is accessible for all of our participants. You can do this if you present your slides through Google slides. More info HERE.
  • Cite your sources for videos, images, research, and content. If music is used, be sure you have permission.

Equipment & Software

Some basic equipment is recommended for optimal sound and quality. You may find these items helpful.

  • Wireless Headset and Microphone
  • Microphone - best if you are recording in a large room and/or in a room with others
  • Tripod - you can use this to hold your smartphone horizontally for recording
  • Ring Light
  • Webcam with built-in mic

Recording Your Presentation

If you do not have reliable internet or if you have an urgent concern, ABC recommends using Zoom to record and save your presentation. Contact to request that they add your recording link to your submission. Permission can be granted if you are in an area without reliable internet or if there is some other urgent concern.

Following are instructions for Zoom:

1. Begin a meeting in Zoom 


2. Enter full screen if necessary


3. Select Record (at the bottom of your Zoom screen)


4. To save your video on to your computer, select Record on this Computer


5. When you are finished recording, select End in the bottom-right of your Zoom screen

6. Select End Meeting for All 

7. Then, the file will begin converting. This may take a few minutes and you will see a progress bar.


8. Select the folder where you wish to save your recording, which will be named zoom_0.mp4

9. Rename your recording using this format: LastName.FirstInitial.Track.2022