The ABC Research Committee is organizing two exciting events in Tampa, Florida and online. The Research Committee is dedicated to the advancement of research in business communication. It aims to enhance and promote research by providing a nexus for networking and collaboration.

Research Roundtable (in-person attendance): We welcome participants with expertise in a theory or method of business communication research to describe a current project, explain their approach and data, and indicate the project’s implications and/or applications. The aims of the research roundtable are to exchange ideas on research projects, theories and methods, ask questions on a ‘sticky’ problem, and form research collaborations

Process: Each presenter will describe their project in 5 minutes, and we will then break up into thematic groups for further discussion. Experts in each theme will be invited to attend the roundtable.

Please submit an abstract (in third person) of 100 words to Sky Marsen by May 30.

Three-Minute Research Pitch (virtual attendance): This event, which was launched successfully at last year’s conference, gives you the chance to tell attendees about a research idea or project in three minutes. This will be followed by a vigorous exchange on the potential scope of the research, methodology, data sources, and collaboration. This event is suitable for projects at the initial stage.

Please submit an abstract (in third person) of 100 words to Clive Muir by May 30.