Group Student Rate

For 20 or more of your students, they may become members and register for this year’s October 27-31 conference with special discount codes. The rate for 20 students is $2340.  Each additional student paid with the one transaction is $117.

You or your university must pay for the entire transaction prior to issuance of the discount codes.  You are responsible for ensuring your students register by October 20. 

This rate also includes selection of up to two workshops per student.

Find the Presenter and Meeting Schedule here.

Individuals may click here to register and click here for workshop discount code and special instructions.


To register your class or for any other registration assistance contact 

Once the group rate is paid, the university coordinator will receive these instructions:
The students should:
1.  Join ABC as a student member using discount code: (TBD)    The student join button is near bottom of membership list.
2. After establishing membership and password, log out and then log back in.  Take a few moments to populate your profile to include your photograph, a short bio, your web address if you have one (like Linked In), and your interests.
3. Conference registration includes up to two workshops each.  Examine workshops and understand workshop discount code 2Discount
4. Click here to register for the conference using discount code: (TBD)
5. Install Chrome browser.  You will need this for conference.
6. You might consider requesting they send you a copy of their confirmed conference registration so you know their steps are complete.