How Do You Teach Diversity?

These downloadable materials, provided by ABC 2019 Detroit Conference presenters of the popular How Do You Teach Diversity?, may be helpful in your classroom or workplace. Thank you to these presenters for giving ABC permission to display their work.      

Ann Marie Alexander Grand Rapids Community College How Does Organizational Culture Relate to Organizational Performance?
Marco Aponte-Moreno Saint Mary's College of California Developing Cross-Cultural Empathy Through Storytelling and Performance
Janel Bloch Northern Kentucky University Intercultural Movie/Television Show Scenes Recommendation 
Pamela Bourjaily University of Iowa Not "One and Done": Engaging in Ongoing Diversity Discussion Through Semester Blogging
Kathryn Anne Canas University of Utah

Brave, Bold, and . . . Crazy: Analyzing Nike's Diversity Branding Campaign 
Powerpoint Slides

Rochelle R. Daniel Bowie State University Understanding Diversity and Inclusion Communication
Denise M. Driscoll Purdue University The World as We View It:  Teaching Diverse Perspective-Taking
Kathy Fisher Indiana University Bloomington Understanding Yourself Helps You Understand Your Audience
Patricia Henry Eastern Michigan University In Complete Darkness, We Are All the Same
Brian Hentz University of Connecticut 'Aging Literacy' for Culturally Competent Professionals: An Introduction
Tricia Homer University of Maryland  Cultural Sharing
Bruce Kingma Syracuse University International Collaboration
Abby Koenig University of Louisville What Makes Me, Me? Identity and Intersectionality
Yingqin Liu Cameron University “Colors’ Cultural Implications: Designing Culturally Sensitive Gift Wrapping Papers for Multicultural Workplace Settings”
Carolyn Meyer Ryerson University Three EDI-Positive Activities for Teaching Fundraising Communication
Sarah M. Nielsen Florida Atlantic University The Autism-Friendly Classroom
Evelyn Plummer Seton Hall University Bingo! Listening and Responding to Diversity
Kathryn Rentz University of Cincinnati Raising Awareness Through Oral Reports on U.S. Subcultures
Leslie Ramos Salazar West Texas A&M University Immigration, Diversity, and Health Care: Examining Patients' and Providers’ Rights
Case Study
Teaching Notes   
Leslie Seawright Missouri State University Converting Documents for a Global Audience
Mary Beth Zink Briar Cliff University My Friend the Apple