ABC has a new SIG - The 4C's SIG!

Are you interested in helping ABC continue to build a presence at the Conference on College
Composition and Communication, the largest academic organization in the field of rhetoric and composition and thus the largest organization of writing teachers in the world?

  • Perhaps you have a rhet-comp background and would like to share your business communication expertise with composition instructors, or find ways to help other ABCers benefit from your background.
  • Perhaps you’d like to help ABC create better respect for and academic activity around workplace writing, a topic that has grown less and less attention from the Cs over the years.
  • Perhaps you’d like to help prepare English/Writing Studies faculty for teaching workplace writing, something more and more of them are being asked to do (while being given little or no preparation).
  • Perhaps you’d like to see ABC spread the word about the great benefits of being an ABC member among the Cs membership.
  • Or all of the above!

These are the goals of the new SIG, which will hold its first meeting at the ABC conference in Tampa this October. The SIG was formed by a group of ABC and Cs members who have been meeting at the Cs’ annual conference for the last 4 years (minus a COVID year) as the Cs Workplace Writing SIG. This vibrant community of teachers (36 of them, at last count, in the Workplace Writing SIG Google Group) has also sponsored a workplace-writing workshop and panel presentations at the Cs and plans to offer more. The new ABC SIG is an effort to create ongoing support for the Cs SIG, to make this work a more “official” part of ABC’s outreach, and to foster better connections overall between the fields of rhet- comp and business communication.

We welcome any and all who would like to attend the inaugural meeting. Kathy Rentz will be serving as the coordinator, and those in attendance will choose its chair. Geoff Clegg, chair of the Cs Workplace Writing SIG, will bring us up to speed on that SIG’s activities and invite ideas for ABC’s participation in the Cs in 2024 (the deadline for 2023 submissions was June 7th, so the Workplace Writing SIG has already submitted its proposal to be on the program again). We will also brainstorm about ways that ABC can benefit from a stronger connection to those with rhet-comp teaching and research experience. Please
look for the meeting time and place in the conference schedule!

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ABC has a new SIG - The 4C's SIG!