ABC Annual International Conference Proceedings

If you are planning to present at the 2022 ABC International Conference, we hope you will consider submitting your work to the conference proceedings. Submitting to the proceedings is as simple as checking "yes" when prompted in the conference proposal submission system.

Benefits of submitting your presentation to the proceedings include:  

  • a permanent record of your scholarship, which is published broadly via the ABC website;
  • a citable source with an ISSN (2472-0658);
  • tangible proof of your presentation, which is useful for both students and faculty;
  • the opportunity to share your expertise, ideas, and innovations far beyond the conference and the ABC; and
  • the opportunity to have your work reviewed by a skilled team of proceedings editors who will offer insightful feedback to enhance your submission. 

Your proceedings submission does not require a separate paper from your conference proposal. You will find a brief description of how to create your proceedings submission on the ABC YouTube channel.


Proceedings Archives - ABC members and others can find annual conference Proceedings from 1979 through 2021 on the ABC website.  This location also has regional proceedings dating back to 1974.


If you have any questions regarding the proceedings, please contact Proceedings Editor Leigh Ann Whittle at

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