ABC Announces Hybrid Annual Conference - Submit by Apr 26

Dear members of ABC,

I am writing to let you know that, after careful consideration, the ABC Board of Directors has decided to make this year's Annual Conference October 18-23 a hybrid event. This means that we will work to combine remote online participation options with a physical on-site conference.

This has not been an easy decision. While some parts of the world seem to be well on their way towards recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, many others are still struggling. We also realize that travel budgets have been cut at many institutions. At the same time, a lot of you have recently inquired into the possibilities of an on-site conference; and we understand this: the warmth and directness of in-person meetings have always been one of the main strengths of ABC. That's why we believe that the hybrid format provides the best opportunities for all.

In the next few weeks, our Executive Director, Jim Dubinsky, together with the Conference Planning Team, will be working out the details of ABC's first hybrid Annual Conference. They are currently looking at Tampa, Florida, as a location for the on-site conference. For the online component, they are talking to Pathable, who contributed to last year's successful conference. Meanwhile, our Call for Papers has been extended to April 26. 

We hope all of you will consider sending in a proposal: in the face of so much uncertainty in recent months; let's get together either in-person or virtually and make this the biggest, most exciting event in ABC history.

We will of course keep you informed about all further developments pertinent to the conference. 

Wishing you all the best from Ghent, Belgium.

On behalf of the ABC Board of Directors,

Geert Jacobs

ABC President

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