Submissions Open, ABC 83rd Annual Conference, Miami, Oct 2018

Dear ABC Members, 

Submissions for the 83rd Annual International Conference October 24-27, 2018 in Miami,  Florida, USA,  are now open! Join us as we experience the warmth and hospitality of this culturally rich community. 

Please be sure to read and follow the newly updated submission process carefully. To see detailed submission guidelines with a sample submission form, visit the conference page at: 

Submission due dates are:

Mentored proposals: February 26, 2018

Blind peer reviewed proposals: February 26, 2018

Workshop proposals: February 28, 2018

Individual, group and all other proposals: April 30, 2018 

Submissions close April 30, 2018.  No late submissions. 

“Regular Presentations” will be grouped with other presenters. Panel presentations may be grouped with other presentations. Sessions are 75 minutes with times allocated as follows: 

  • A panel (3 or more speakers) will have 45 minutes to present. Should the panel fall below 3 speakers, the presentation time will be cut to 30 minutes. 
  • A regular presentation will have 15 minutes to present, regardless of the number of presenters. 

Please note:

ABC REQUESTS ONLY ONE REGULAR OR PANEL SUBMISSION naming you as presenter or co-presenter.  You may also submit to a poster session, a Diversity & Inclusion or Research roundtable, or “My Favorite Assignment”. This applies to any proposal being considered under your name, regardless of whether you are the submitter or part of the presentation group. 

Criteria for approval include the following: 

  • Relevant to the theme of Celebrating Diversity and Culture in Business Communication or a business communication-related topic
  • Demonstrate impact on furthering the knowledge, contribution to the field, and best practice of business communication
  • Between 500 – 750 words defining theme, purpose, goals, methodology, and takeaways/outcomes (required sections).
  • Program Insert describes presentation to attract attendees in 60 words or less and written in third person with Title Case

Once a submission is approved, the submitter will be asked to “accept” the invitation to present within two weeks. Accepting the invitation to present is a critical step of building the overall program. 

We look forward to sharing a warm welcome in Miami. Please contact either of us if there are any questions. 


Susan Schanne, Eastern Michigan University

Becky Morrison, Miami University

ABC Miami Conference Co-Chairs


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