Call for Nominations - ABC's Distinction in the Practice of Diversity and Inclusion Award

Distinction in the Practice of Diversity and Inclusion Award


New for 2016, the Award for Distinction in the Practice of Diversity and Inclusion celebrates and recognizes practices that foster community outreach and diversity/inclusion.  It honors work outside the classroom, engaging a community that would be deemed non-dominant.  This is work that creates partnerships to effect positive social change, whether the change be on an individualized level or on a broader, system-wide, policy level--or a synergistic blend.

The achievements that this award will honor should involve service learning, community service, engaged learning, or some other type of activity that promotes social awareness and the spirit of inclusion.  There are many possible constituencies who could be involved in these types of contributions:  students in a class or directed study; students in clubs or participating in co-curricular activities; university faculty and administrators involved in curriculum change; consultants who broaden clients' perspectives; or employees coming together to benefit others outside the typical constraints of their jobs.

The work or project should demonstrate the core values of partnership.  The participants should learn about and benefit one another.  There should be a continual analysis, evaluation, feedback loop during the partnership, which can be a fixed or ongoing collaboration.

The award is purposely taking a broad interpretation of "diversity and inclusion" and service.  The committee is open to a wide variety of activities that match the award criteria.  The committee will also be happy to give applicants guidance and feedback as they prepare their proposals.

Nomination Procedures

The award is open to any ABC member.  People can be nominated or self-nominate. To be considered for this award, people should submit a short (no more than 1,000 words) description of the project that includes the non-dominant community served, the type of partnership created, any of the many possible types of applied learning involved, the change effected, some of the issues learned, and any plans for moving forward.  Nominations are due to Jacqui Lowman chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee by September 1.

Evaluation Procedures

The award will be judged by a panel with diversity and inclusion expertise.  The recipient will be announced at the annual conference during the Presidential Awards; the winner will receive a plaque and $1000, along with registration to the following year's annual conference.  The recipient will present a paper at the following year’s conference.

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