Margaret (Marty) Baker Graham Research Grant

Endowed by the Family and Friends of Margaret Baker Graham


During her career in higher education, Dr. Marty Graham (Iowa State University) worked diligently to support the advancement of graduate students, particularly female, non-­traditional students. Because of her dedication to these students and her understanding of the economic difficulties all graduate students face, her family and friends have endowed the Margaret (Marty) Baker Graham Research Grant. This award will assist doctoral students engaged in research within the discipline of business communication. Distributed through the Business Communication Research Foundation, the $500 award will be presented at the Annual International Conference of the Association for Business Communication.


Any student engaged in collecting data and writing a dissertation in the business communication discipline will be eligible for this award. Preference will be given to those individuals who demonstrate a need for financial support during the late stages of their doctoral programs.


Applicants must be enrolled in a doctoral program pursuing a degree within a business communication related discipline.

Applications due by 05:00 am EDT, June 28.

Self nominations are encouraged, or nominations by supervising professors, and/or members of the Association for Business Communication. Students should submit an online application to the Graduate Studies Committee chair and the ABC Executive Director by submitting here to upload:

  • Letter of application indicating need for research funds
  • Current vita
  • Describe the dissertation and indicate progress achieved toward completion. Be sure to discuss how the dissertation contributes to the business communication field, how the grant will help you finish your dissertation, and how you plan to use the grant. Please limit to two single-spaced pages.
  • Photograph
  • Names and emails of dean, department chair, and another other press release contact.


The Graduate Studies Committee of the Association for Business Communication will review and rank applications. Their recommendation will be submitted to the Board of the Business Communication Foundation for approval and authorization of funds disbursement.

Marty Baker Graham Award Recipients:

  • 2023: Emily Hamlin, University of Connecticut, "Employees' Motivations for Enrolling in Communication Training Programs in Large-scale Organizations"
  • 2022: Julia Longaker, Clemson University, "Communicators in Crisis: Exploring the Role of Executive Leadership Relations in Communications Job Attrition in 2020-2022"
  • 2021: not awarded
  • 2020: Nupoor Ranade, North Carolina State University, “Re-Contextualizing Audiences in User-Generated Content Publication Spaces”
  • 2019: Doreen Hanke, Texas A&M International University, "Can Employees Motivate Themselves? The Link Between Peer Motivating Language and Employee Outcomes"
  • 2018: Erin Brock Carlson, Purdue University, "Mapping Metis: Tracing the Work of Regional Transformation in Appalachia"
  • 2017:
    • Sara Doan, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “Theories and Best Practices in Instructor Feedback”
    • Ruby Nancy, East Carolina University, “Genre-fluidity and Writing Identity: Community Rhetorics, Re-thinking ‘The Workplace,’ and Social and Economic Justice”
  • 2016: Dina Piepoli Udomsak, Wilkes University, "Reframing for Flow: Salutogenesis, Psychofortology, and Eudaimonic Functioning in the Academy – The Impact of Positive Psychological Constructs on Quality of Life and Workplace Well-Being" 
  • 2015: Ashley Hall, University of Texas at Tyler, "The Moderating Effect of Individual Employee Attributes on the Relationship Between Managerial Communication and Employee Job Satisfaction in Times of Change”
  • 2014: Danica Schieber, Iowa State University, "Learning Transfer from the Business Communication Classroom to the Workplace"
  • 2013: Tammy Rice-Bailey, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, "Identity, Value, and Power: A Qualitative Study of the Complexity of the Working Relationship Between Technical Communicators and Subject Matter Experts" 
  • 2012: Karin Goettsch, University of Minnesota,  “Understanding Intercultural Communication on Global Virtual Teams: Exploring Challenges of Language, Culture, Technology, and Collaboration"
  • 2011: Xiaoli Li, Clemson University, "期待 ing: From Globalization to Glocalization--What the Impacts of Globalization on Chinese Document Design Tell Us About International Professional Communication"