Francis W. Weeks Award of Merit


The Francis W. Weeks Award of Merit acknowledges contributions to the profession and recognizes outstanding advancement in the discipline of business communication through a singular accomplishment or a series of accomplishments. Honorary awards may be given upon the approval of the Board of Directors, but the candidates must also meet the criteria of the award.


  1. Service and leadership in the profession
  2. Meritorious single project or multiple project
    • research (published and unpublished)
    • publications (editing, supervising, and sponsoring)
    • support organizations (student organizations, study groups, research funding, etc.)
  3. Professional development
  4. directing symposiums, forums, workshops, or conventions
  5. liaison with other societies
  6. Contributions by members and/or nonmembers to the communication discipline in specialty areas such as governmental agencies, charitable organizations, etc.
  7. other nation society leadership
  8. sponsorship of ABC in other nations
  9. sponsorship of legislative petitions and bills
  10. other
  11. Contributions by members and/or nonmembers to communication discipline and programs in other nations:

Nomination Procedures

Send your nominations by July 1 to
Jim Dubinsky
ABC Executive Director
Or e-mail to

Previous winners