Meada Gibbs Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award


The Meada Gibbs Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award recognizes, encourages, and rewards excellence in teaching business communication. The award is sponsored by ABC and Pearson Learning. Applicants must be current members of ABC, and they must be self-nominated or nominated by an ABC member. Prior award winners and members of the Teaching Committee are ineligible to nominate a candidate.

At the ABC annual conference, the Teaching Committee will honor the recipient with a plaque and a check. The recipient will present a paper at the following year’s conference plenary session.  As initial preparation, the recipient should submit their paper title and short program description during the annual conference proposal submission period.  In the submission section asking for proposal, type “plenary”.  The recipient is not required to enter additional details of speech on the proposal form.

Eligibility Criteria

Criteria for selection are

  1. Significant contributions to business communication teaching methodology and concepts
  2. Current teaching or training experience with business communication or related courses
  3. Positive student/participant and peer/administrative evaluations
  4. Conference presentations, publications, and/or research record (publications must include teaching-related articles in the Business and Professional Communication Quarterly and/or International Journal of Business Communication)

Note: Because all members of ABC seem to be good at business communication teaching methodology and concepts in the classroom, the committee looks for evidence of excellence on a larger scale (e.g., teachers with textbooks or significant pedagogical publications, teachers who have established international programs for their students, teachers who have extended communication skills on a wider level on their campus or community).

Nomination Procedures

Applicants must be nominated by a current ABC member or self-nominated. Nomination letters, either by post or email attachment, are due to the Teaching Committee's Meada Gibbs Subcommittee Chair, Susana Clasen, on June 15.

Application packets are due by June 20. 

Prior award winners and members of the Teaching Committee are ineligible to nominate a candidate.

For prior candidates who are being renominated, a new nomination letter is required.

Teaching Committee
Susana Clasen, Meada Gibbs Subcommittee Chair

University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College

Application Procedures

The chair will acknowledge receipt of the nomination via email to the nominator and nominee. The application package is due to the sub-committee chair by June 20. It should be a portfolio, submitted electronically as one .pdf file, and include the following:

  1. Resume (limited to 3 pages)
  2. A statement of teaching philosophy
  3. Description of research and its significance to teaching business communication (including 2-3 recent publications or abstracts)
  4. Evidence of positive teaching evaluations (limited to 6 pages) and a brief explanation
  5. Letters of support from dean and department chair
  6. List of up to 10 most significant publications, including at least one pedagogical article from either Business and Professional Communication Quarterly or International Journal of Business Communication (formerly Journal of Business Communication)

The portfolio must not exceed 30 pages. Please note that the committee will not consider incomplete portfolios nor any pages beyond 30.

Evaluation Process

Committee members will independently review the credentials of each nominee and determine a winner. The recipient will be announced during the annual conference Presidential Awards dinner. Members of the ABC Teaching Committee are ineligible to receive the award.

Previous Winners