Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Works to increase understanding of diversity and inclusion issues that affect the business communication field.

Community Page

The Community Page for this committee is for members and links to the committee's forums and file library.

Members 2017

Name End of 3-Year Term (Renewable)
Aida Andino-Pratts 12/31/2019
Jim Archibald 12/31/2017
Clark Barwick 12/31/2018
W. Christopher Brown 12/31/2019
Kathryn Canas 12/31/2017
Lance Cummings 12/31/2018
Barbara Davis 12/31/2017
Denise Driscoll 12/31/2018 
Kashii Fukaya 12/31/2017
Cole Holmes 12/31/2018
Christina Iluzada 12/31/2019
Jacquelyn Lowman, Chair 12/31/2019
Victoria McCrady 12/31/2019
Bill McPherson 12/31/2017
Amber Meyers 12/31/2018
Anita Pandey 12/31/2019
Sabrina Pasztor 12/31/2019
Evelyn Plummer 12/31/2018
Michelle Region-Sebest 12/31/2017
Sandra Sepúlveda 12/31/2017
Melvin Washington 12/31/2018