Outstanding Article in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly

The ABC Award for Outstanding Article in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly is awarded annually to an article that meets the criteria described below. The winning author(s) will receive a plaque and a monetary award at the ABC Annual Conference in October or November of each year. The winning author(s) wil also receive one year of free membership in ABC. The award is sponsored by textbook authors Mary Ellen Guffey and Dana Loewy.

Selection Criteria

  1. Contributes significantly to scholarship, research, and/or pedagogy
  2. Demonstrates originality of thought and careful investigation
  3. Is well written, lucid, and engaging
  4. Is published in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly in the calendar year preceding the annual conference at which the award is presented

Nomination Procedures

Entries may be submitted by the author(s) or by a nominator to the Publication Board chair. When submitting your nomination, please include complete publication information, a copy of the article, and a one or two paragraph rationale for the nomination.

Authors are not eligible to receive this award two years in a row.

Note: If a BPCQ article has been nominated for the Distinguished Publication Award and does not win that award, it will automatically be considered for the Outstanding Article in BPCQ Award.

Nomination letters must be received by the ABC Publications Board chair by June 15.

Publication Board Chair:
Jason Snyder


Previous Winners