Volunteers Needed - Peer Reviews and Mentor Reviews ABC Ireland

Dear fellow ABC members:

With many requests for peer reviews and mentor reviews, we need YOU to help us out NOW as reviewers for these annual conference submissions. Your feedback contributes significantly to the success of the individuals involved and to the entire conference. The online review form asks for numerical feedback as well as comments. Please make the time to help your fellow ABC members and future members.

Volunteers will receive about 3 to 5 500-750 word proposals to review between March 7 and March 31.  Completed reviews are due back April 3.  

Click the link to be a peer mentor or peer reviewer (or to find out more information): 


As a reminder, the submission deadline is April 25, 2017.   Many of you are getting them in early and we appreciate it!



Jean & Gail

Jean Bush-Bacelis and Gail Cruise

Co-Chairs 2017 ABC Ireland

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